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Pink City Rickshaw Company ~ making Jaipur proud !

Jaipur is changing. While being in its roots of history, arts and culture, it is strongly evolving in the new dynamics of modernization, and innovation. By innovation we not only mean technically, but finding new spaces in the society to innovate and create a difference.

In this blog, we'll talk about ACCESS Development Services’ ( A section 25 not-for profit company) new initiative in the urban space  -  the ‘Pink City Rickshaw Company, which will have 200 smart, enthusiastic, well trained women, all from the slums and low income areas of Jaipur driving this ‘one of a kind’, stylized environment friendly e-rickshaw in the pink city of Jaipur.
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This concept aims to provide a new livelihood source and economic empowerment for young women from marginalized backgrounds, and offer an eco-friendly option to address the problem of growing emission in the city. The initiative shall work as a social enterprise.

The initiative offers custom designed, attractive rickshaws, styled on the lines of a royal buggy and will be very attractive to any tourist who wants to visit the walled city of Jaipur and experience the medieval charms of the pink city. The compact and comfortable e-rickshaws have been modified to add a collapsible canopy and ergonomically designed seats, mechanical improvement for greater safety and also offer a locker for safekeeping of belongings of the clients, a mobile charger, water bottle/ newspaper holder , city maps and so on. All of these electric rickshaws are eco-friendly and shall greatly contribute in bringing down the growing pollution levels of the city.

The e rickshaws  will be running on a  pre-marked tours , the details of which will be provided to the customers before they begin their journey. They can choose between the curated tours, all ranging between 3-4 hours or can be customized it specially upon request.

The Pink City Rickshaw women drivers will be smartly uniformed and will  have undergone an intensive training in in e rickshaw driving as well as social skill development. An app, IVRS, marked routes will be the added advantage available to the clients soon, but more importantly, create a secured system of operation for our women drivers as they are entering a completely male dominated profession.

It’s  a first of a kind service in Jaipur (India) and  garnering a lot of support from different agencies, most of the niche hotels , as well as travel companies who want offer unique experiences. It’s a novel way of getting introduced to the heritage city and exploring the hidden by lanes. The specially customized royal e rickshaws, only driven by women, in itself, is a great attraction to many tourists who want to experience something exotic and special, over the otherwise common auto rickshaws and taxis available everywhere else. Added to that is the satisfaction of being a part of a cause of empowering women, helping them earn an incremental source of income and at the same time being environmentally conscious.

Lets have a look at some pictures that will wow you and make you visit them sooner-

So what do you think about this new social initiative? Find them on Facebook, Instagram & Trip Advisor with name “PINK CITY RICKSHAW COMPANY”. For any further details , you could also mail them at /

#Jaipur is changing, for good. What do you think?


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